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All perfect start derives from high quality materials.
Together with you, we are committed long term to the mission of helping promote the development of materials and improve the human life.

Material-world: as a kind of material website, provides various kinds of inorganic materials and finished products for many junior colleges, universities, research institutes and business units nationwide. The product range includes metal, alloy, compounds and all kinds of complex synthesis of new materials, the highest purity can reach 99.99999%. We have significant advantages in the magnetron sputtering target, vacuum coating materials, high purity metal, high purity compounds, rare earth metals, distilled rare earth metal, crystalline materials, coating substrate, nano powder, high purity reagent, precision alloy and so on.

To ensure the best quality, from raw materials procurement, production, packaging to inspection, we strictly control every step. We sincerely hope that through our efforts can do help our customers more.

Procurement system: we choose raw materials at super quality and competitive price around the world. We have established close relationships with the most advanced Institute of Materials Research and Engineering and factory, supplying the most advanced inorganic material. At the same time, Mat-world includes Management Company, factory, testing center and new material research center of our own.

Jiangxi Hai Te Advanced Material Co., LTD: since founded in 2004, insists on keeping market-driven and talent﹠technology-base, we constantly update and improve our products. The company has independent import and export rights, perfect storage management system and product tracking system which can well satisfy the needs of our customers and ensure the quality of products and their traceability.

After years of hard work, we not only build a first-rate professional team, as well as consolidate our global sales and procurement system. Besides the most advanced testing facility and method, we sale any product at the most competitive price around the world.

Jiangxi Ke Tai Advanced Material Co., LTD: covers nearly 30 acres, total investment of nearly 75 million RMB, covered area of 20000 square meters. It includes a new materials research center, a testing center, several production lines and a large storage center. The materials we develop in solar cells film, thermoelectric conversion, photoelectric detection and sensor welding, semiconductor compounds, high purity metals, high purity rare earth metals, function alloys, and various kinds of magnetron sputtering targets and vacuum coating materials are highly praised and recognized by all customers and they are wide sold to America, Japanese, German, Korean, Britain, France, southeast Asia...

Production facilities: Vacuum medium frequency induction melting furnace, Cold crucible levitation melting furnace, Non-consumable vacuum arc furnace, Vacuum high-temperature furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, vacuum distillation furnace, regional melting furnace, Multi-zone heating furnace, Single crystal furnace, vacuum hot pressing furnace, high temperature sintering furnace, single-zone furnace, dual-zone furnace, multi-zone liquid furnace, gas furnace synthesis furnace, oxidation furnaces, nitriding furnaces, cold forming machines, vacuum-forged equipment, lathes, grinding, milling, drilling, punching, EDM and machining of various materials forming equipment.

Main products: various sputtering target materials, evaporation coating material, semiconductor compounds, high purity metals, distilled rare earth metals, restored rare earth metals, rare earth alloy, intermediate alloy, high purity compound etc. .

Product Search and Contact: we are looking forward to sharing latest achievements of materials and cooperating with all alliances, welcome to Mat-world! The left navigation on website lists several projects, any product you need, please click the product list section. If your product can not be found, please contact our sales department (, we will do our best to meet your requirements.

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